Monday, April 20, 2009

Somalia:Islamist infighting kills fours, aid worker shot dead.

Beledweyne- Four people have been killed and dozen others were wounded in fresh battle which erupted in Beledweyn town 300km north of the Somalia capital Mogadishu on Monday between rival Islamists, witnesses told Waagacusub Media – this seems to be the result of deep mistrust between the Islamists that fought before at same frontline during the war with the Ethiopian troops.
This comes day after the unknown militia armed with pistols killed Omar Sharif a local employee of CARE international in Marka town some 90km south of the capital.No group has claimed the responsibility of the killing against the aid worker as hours before gunmen kidnapped two foreign relief workers in Bakol region in southwest Somalia – an area controlled by Islamist hardliners Al-Shabab.The abducted men were Belgian and Dutch as efforts by the elders in the region continue to release the aid workers.The acts of killings and kidnappings against the relief workers still continue unsolved with these happen in Islamist controlled areas in southern Somalia.Reports say the fighting happened this morning in Howlwadag neighborhood which is in the centre of Beledweyn town, the provincial capital of Hiran region in central Somalia.Most of the dead and wounded were from the warring sides as the fighting continues with both sides using heavy weapons including artilleries.Residents began to flee the war zone. It was the worst battle since the Islamic groups recaptured the town early this year after the Ethiopian troops withdrew from there. It is not yet clear what caused the latest fighting but sources close to the rival sides say this was power struggle between the Islamists.No word was given by the Islamist rulers on the fighting in central SomaliaDahir Abdulle Alasow

Pirate mother's Obama mercy plea

Pirate mother's Obama mercy plea

Pirates have stepped up attacks on shipping in recent weeks
The mother of a teenage alleged pirate held over the hostage-taking of a US sea captain this month has appealed to US President Barack Obama to free him.
Adar Abdurahman Hassan told the BBC her son, Abde Wale Abdul Kadhir Muse, was innocent and just 16 years old.
He was held over the seizure off Somalia of Richard Phillips, captain of the Maersk Alabama cargo ship.
While her son was allegedly negotiating on a US warship, naval snipers shot dead three pirates holding the captain.
The mother of the teenager, who is facing trial in New York, said she wanted to be present in court if the case goes ahead.
Mrs Hassan said her son had been missing for two weeks prior to the hijacking and she only realised he had been implicated when she heard his name in a radio report.
I am requesting President Obama to release my child, he has got nothing to do with the pirates' crime, he is a minor
Adar Abdurahman Hassan Mother of alleged pirate

Somali piracy: Global overview
The teenager is accused of being a member of the pirate gang which boarded the container ship on 8 April and took Capt Phillips hostage in a lifeboat.
The standoff ended on the fifth day while her son was aboard a US warship allegedly demanding a ransom when US Navy marksmen killed three of the pirates.
Mrs Hassan told the BBC's Somali service: "I am requesting the American government, I am requesting President Obama to release my child. He has got nothing to do with the pirates' crime.
"He is a minor; he is under-age and he has been used for this crime. I also request from the US, if they choose to put him on trial, I want them to invite me there."
Her plea came as Somali pirates released a Togo-flagged cargo ship seized last week, reportedly after a $100,000 (£68,000) ransom was paid.
The 5,000-tonne Lebanese-owned MV Sea Horse - which had been heading to India to pick up food aid for Somalia - was seized on 14 April.

Capt Richard Phillips has been hailed as a hero back home
But 19 foreign vessels and more than 300 sailors remain in the hands of Somali pirates, who have stepped up attacks on shipping in recent weeks.
About three million people - half the Somali population - need assistance, donors say.
On Sunday, the weak, internationally recognised Somali government said captured pirates could face the death penalty.
But the Horn of Africa nation has been without an effective administration since 1991, fuelling the lawlessness which has allowed piracy to thrive.
Shipping companies last year handed over about $80m (£54m) in ransom payments to the gangs.
Source: BBC World

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Somalia:Somaliland opposition leader running out of patience

Hargeisa- The opposition leader of Kulmiye Party in the break away republic of Somaliland Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud better known as 'Silanyo' on Tuesday accused the government of doing acts that might cause choas and instability beyond the democracy and the country's law.
Speaking in the telephone line with Waagacusub Media, Mr. Silanyo said the government soldiers fired bullets on thousands of his supporters that peacefully rallied out in Hargeysa, the capital of Somaliland."Our patience is running out and we can not tolerate the abuses by the government of Dahir Riyale against our supporters, we strongly demand to keep the law, if the government continues the violations we will take actions," Silanyo said angrily.But the police commander of Somaliland Mohamed Saqadhe Dubad denied the allegations by opposition leader.A local reporter who witnessed the demonstration led by the opposition leader which marked 6 April, the anniversary of SNM foundation says he could hear fired bullets and some of policemen saying 'shoot the Kulmiye leader'.The rebel leader of UCID, among the political parties in Somaliland, Feysal Ali Warabe told an interview with Waagacusub Media used strong words against the government of Somaliland saying that it is ineffective.Despite Somaliland survived from the brink of collapse and civil war on 6 April when violiance rocked Hargeisa, the opposition parties still want change and do have anemity on the government led Dahir Riyale Kahin who has been rulling the country for several years.
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